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How We Can Make a Difference

Making Swim Lessons Accessible for All

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Making Aquatics Accessible

Founded in September 2022, Scona Pool Community Foundation is a public non-profit by guarantee of its members, incorporated under the Societies Act (Alberta). Our mission is to provide Edmontonians with public access to a low cost, private space to practice, play and learn while promoting aquatic safety and fitness. With our values of service, collaboration, support, and inclusion, we strive to fill the gap in aquatic facility availability and specifically that of swim lessons.

Our Proposition

Filling the Gap

Providing a Space for Community

Scona Pool is located in the heart of South Central Edmonton, where there are higher than average cycling and walking commuters. For these people, surrounding aquatics facilities are not accessible and do not offer the localized community gathering space where they can engage with their neighbours and build relationships.

Scona Pool Community foundation is proposing to purchase Scona Pool for $1, take on all operational costs and liabilities to keep people engaged with water safety and fitness until Rollie Miles Rec Centre can be completed.

Saving Tax Dollars

Currently, the City of Edmonton pays ~$30,000 per month in utilities to keep the heat, electricity, and water on. This doesn't include costs involved in security checks, removal of components, or storage of surplus equipment.

With Rollie Miles Rec Centre not receiving funding to finalize design or start construction, these costs will add up to millions in tax dollars wasted.

Saving Lives

45% of non-fatal drowning hospitalizations in Alberta were children under the age of 10. The cost of these hospitalizations was $1.25 million per year between 1999-2019. The fatal drowning rate in Alberta has risen by an average of 1.1% per year over the past 20 years. With thousands in the Edmonton area unable to access swim lessons, these figures are set to continue rising. By purchasing Scona Pool, funding necessary repairs, and reopening to the public, we can ensure water safety education is available to all.


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